About Us

Ice Cream for Lunch was created by busy working women as a way to determine if the aforementioned creamy treat indicates that you were having a great day or a bad day. Did you get that raise you were going for so you decided to splurge on extra toppings at your favorite fro-yo spot during your break? Or did you find out that you were scheduled for an extra shift so you succumbed to your go-to ice cream sandwich from the local gas station? Regardless of your answer, the implication here is that self-care is critical to the working woman in order to keep a balanced life. Too often we go through the motions of life and we desperately need to stop and live intentionally, taking in everything that is happening around us while exploring ways to deal and cope.
The creators spent a lot of time researching resources on self-care and found that most sites generally catered to:

1. “Working Mommy’s” (utterly important but not always relatable as I, Jess, do not have kids. Does a 29-year old husband who regularly asks for mac-n-cheese-n-hot dogs for dinner count?)

2. And 2. “Women Who Work from Home” (okay…we’ve seen your Instagram’s. And we’re totally not hating. We’re actually pretty jelly that you can start your day off with a nice yoga sesh, lounge at home in PJs checking email, and still rock a successful career. Pls let us know how we can do that ASAP).

We want to relate to all working women whether their ‘work’ consists of raising a family, studying for a degree, running their own business, or they’re on the 9-5 train. Our hope is that by joining each other on this space that we can connect and share on practical ways to deal with life. We want to support, empower, and encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We hope that on some level, we can all find ways to relate to each other even if it’s simply that we have the same favorite flavor of ice cream. <3